Dear Mom

6 Jun

Dear Mom,

You made me the way I am.
I graciously thank you for teaching me manners and motivating me to succeed and reach my goals.
Unfortunately, you also taught me to be an untrusting control freak. Because of you, I don’t trust anyone, including my boyfriend who has never done anything to make me think I shouldn’t trust him.
It’s tearing us apart, and I blame you.
Moms seem like the biggest scapegoat for psychological problems, but it is you who always told me – and still tells me – to be wary of everyone, to always think twice about what people say, to watch for “warning signs” of lying and treachery.
Now those things consume my time.
He almost broke up with me because of it, because he felt like I was blaming him for things he hadn’t even done. He felt like my paranoia was an encouragement to cheat.
But he didn’t cheat.
You need to stop, too, Mom. It starts with you. It can end with you. It can end with us. Let’s change together.
This behavior is damaging to us and those around us.


Almost alone


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