Dear World

11 Jun

Dear World,
Please leave me alone and let me be. I’m confused right now and would love it if you left me alone for more than two minutes. I need some time to think and be alone.
I don’t want to take my medication anymore, but when I don’t I sit in my room all day becasue I’m so angry or upset. Please just go away or take me away. I don’t even care which one it is, but it needs to happen and happen soon. I’m pretty positive you would function just perfectly without me here. And World, please give me my life back. Please, I’m beggin you and then I would be fine. (I think). Reading back through this letter I realized just how confused I really am and I don’t know how to change that. I need some help and don’t really know who to go to right now. I’m giving up starting now. World, send someone to rescue me…..


One Response to “Dear World”

  1. Kyanne July 29, 2010 at 10:49 pm #

    to the author of dear world,
    don’t give up. the world can be frustrating and at times life may seem like it is too much to handle. but it’s not, you just have to look past what frustrates you and focus your energy on something you enjoy. there have been times when i’ve gone into deep depression, when i wanted to end it all, but then i remembered all the things i still wanted to do with my life. that inspired me and gave me the energy to go on living. today, i can say that i am loving my life.
    I don’t know what exactly is bothering you, but i wish you all the luck and inspiration for getting up and facing the world, and for eventually enjoying it.

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