Dear Ex Boyfriend

17 Jun

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

I used to think you were the most amazing thing of the world. You were my best friend. I was madly in love with you. Now I can’t remember why. You lied about every single thing, and it makes me sick to my stomach. You cheated on me twice. You ruined my entire summer. You caused me to go into a depression. And yet I still was in love with you and wished every single day that you would take me back. I obsessed over you and cried in my room all day and all night.

Now I smile every day, and I actually go out and live because I’ve found someone who makes me so much happier than you ever did. But because of you, I watch everything I say to him. I keep myself at a distance. I always think he has other motives. And I will never be able to give myself fully to him because you took part of me away.

I’m not yours anymore


One Response to “Dear Ex Boyfriend”

  1. Jared June 17, 2010 at 6:41 pm #

    It’s really awesome that you’ve moved on. I think you should try and learn to trust your new boyfriend. If he doesn’t know about what your ex did, tell him. Once you’re comfortable, of course. Good luck!

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