Dear C

29 Jun

Dear C,

You were the only person I could think to send one of these too, even after we’ve grown so far apart.

We’re not dating anymore. We’re still not talking. If I wasn’t in love with someone new this would still hurt. All I ever wanted to do was make you happy.

I still want to be your friend. I still want to talk, even if I’m past wishing you would fall back in love with me.

We were kids. We were stupid, (and hell, we got hurt).

There are days where I hate you. There are days where I feel like you pressured me, and I was never fully comfortable with anything we did. Then there are the days where I say that we just never had the chance to get past being awkward.

There are times where I want to say you were horrible. It’s be easier to hate you.

You lost. You were the one who decided not to fight.

I have someone who cares and wants to fight.

That past is the past, and I hope you tell me when you fall in love again. Still want you happy.

Please keep talking to me,
~ J


2 Responses to “Dear C”

  1. lvi56 June 29, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    That’s so sad 😦 I don’t mean to say you’re sad, but your situation is sad. Reading your post, I pray that I never have to feel this way. Just by reading that, my stomach dropped, as if my girlfriend were breaking up with me. Good luck.

    • Emily June 30, 2010 at 4:36 am #

      Wow, J, This is a beautfiul letter. I can honestly say this is the letter I’ve bee wanting to write. C is a lucky person to have someone like you to care about them, even if you two had a bad situation.
      Good Luck

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