Dear You

8 Jul

Dear You,

I remember once I read another of these unwritten letters that was about a girl being in love with a boy she never met except through facebook stalking.  I remember being confused about how she managed to have these feelings for someone she never met.

Then, I stumbled across you.  We have a mutual friend that I stalk frequently and there you were, literally the writing on her wall.  You were cute and funny, so I clicked on your picture.  Mostly to see if the two of you were together.  You aren’t.  Not yet.

Then, magically, I discovered other webpages of yours.  There, I learned that we like all the same things.  And you’re funny, and sweet, and cute, but mostly funny.  I LOVE funny.

And we live in the same general area.  Maybe I’ll meet you someday…

But now, I just wanted to tell you that I understand how you can like someone you’ve never met.  I have a crush on you.  Just saying.

Your Super-Secret Admirer


One Response to “Dear You”

  1. Dominique July 27, 2010 at 9:26 am #

    dear author of this letter,
    the unwritten letter you talk about in the beginning was written by me. when i began reading your letter my heart sank, and i understand how confused you were on how you could fall in love -or in your case crush on someone- only threw facebook. but i’m so glad to know im not the only one. it sucks to not know this person, and feel emotions for this person when they dont know you nor do you really know them. but i should let you know that after i wrote that letter i gave in and inboxed him and to my surprise he inboxed me back. we began talkig and eventually i confessed about my “stalking” and you know what… he said it was a relief! he was doing the same thing as i, and he asked me on a date. i’m currently dating jack and he’s the male verison of me. in my letter i said i was auditioning for a play where he works, and i got the role! we get to see eachother all day and honestly ive never been happier. my advice is to begin talking to him, you have nothing to lose. go get your man!

    your fellow stalker 😉

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