Dear Grampa Jim

17 Jul

Dear Grampa Jim,

I didn’t come visit you in the hospital, because the thought of seeing you like that hurt too much. When I finaly got to visit you, I thought I would have another chance to see you.

A chance when I would be able to tell you how much I loved you and would miss you. A chance when I could thank you for everything you did for me. A chance when I could tell you that you were the best great grandfather a girl could ask for.

You were always so proud of me. And you loved me like I was your own daughter, even though you were like my step-great grandad or something. You married my great grandmother when I was seven. She was never happier than when she was with you.

I’m so sorry I didn’t visit you more often. And if you’re watching me, if heaven is real, then I want you to know that I’m sorry I lie to everybody about why I cut my hair so short. I really cut it because you used to tell me how pretty my hair was and that I should keep my hair out of my face. Everytime I saw it I thought of you. Now it’s only 3 inches long. And I think of you everytime someone asks me why. I love you. Thankyou for everything. I’m sorry.

Your Great Granddaughter


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