Dear Disappointment

20 Jul

Dear Disappointment,
I had high hopes for you. You are so smart and beautiful. Everyone else wanted to be you, and I took pride in knowing you. You are my cousin, but you were also like a little sister.
You were a good girl. But like all good things, that too ended. You started taking on bad habits and committing acts that were shameful.
The day that you announced your pregnancy, I changed my entire view of you. You were no longer the good girl with a bright future. You had become a 15 year old teenage statistic.
I want to support you and to be there for you, but in the back of my mind, I know that you will never be all that I hoped you would be, and that breaks my heart. Every child is a blessing, but I just wish that you would have thought twice and waited to have a baby.
What’s worse is that you are excited to be a really young mother. You figure the government will send that check every month and pay your bills. I couldn’t be more disappointed. I don’t want to be hurt by your actions, but I can’t change how I feel.
I love you still–I always will, but I can’t pretend to be happy for you.

Disappointed Supporter


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