Dear B

1 Aug

Dear B,

I miss you. I miss what we did together.
Sure, we’re still best friends. But it doesn’t feel right anymore.
You’re busy all breaktimes and lunchtimes with clubs, school meetings, work, orchestra, choir and whatever. And holidays. And weekends. And after school.
I only see you in the classroom.
And now, next year, I won’t see you every lesson.
Because of all my insecurities and suspected depression, and all that time wasted, I’m no longer in the top group.
I watch you become amazing and loved by everyone. Top of the class; top of the year; in one of the top schools.
I miss being the person you spent your time with. Now you’re spending time for yourself. All I can do is watch you make something of your life and be happy for you.

It tears me apart.

From A,
Your probably depressed friend who’s dying without your help and love.


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