Dear N

8 Aug

Dear N,
I’m sorry I let you down. I’m sorry I wasn’t a good enough friend to realize just how bad of a friend I was. I’m sorry I failed you.
I won’t fail you anymore.
That’s because I won’t be around to fail you anymore.

I’m sorry.


One Response to “Dear N”

  1. Jill August 8, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

    Failure does not have to define your friendship, or any other relationship. All friends (and people!) make mistakes. You can not fail your friend anymore by being there this time around. Leaving them (whether in good times or bad) wont help you or them.

    Not to be sappy/cheesy and quote somebody, but I heard this on an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” and I think it applies to what I just said:

    “We’re friends, real friends, and that means no matter how long it takes, when you finally do decide to look back, I’ll still be here.” ~ Meredith Grey

    No matter how you may have “failed’ your friend, you can do right by them by being there, whenever that need may arise. And, should this relationship be as unsalvageable as you fear (which it may very possibly be salvageable!), use what you’ve learned from this relationship in others so that you can recognize how to be there in the future.

    Because I promise you, there is at least one person who truly needs you to be around.

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