Dear Older Brother

15 Aug

Dear older brother,

I tell you I love you every day. You tell me I’m ugly, stupid, and too weird to talk to.
I tell you good job. You tell me I’m a whore.
I tell you that you can do ANYTHING because you’re really smart. You go out and drink until you’re shit-faced.
You’re 17.
You have to call me to tell Mom and Dad that you’re sleeping over at “someones” house because you’re too drunk to drive home.

Some days, I just wish you’d tell me you love me too.
That’d be nice.
That’d be a good thing to hear.
From the kid who used to be my hero- You

Endless love,
Little sister


One Response to “Dear Older Brother”

  1. M August 16, 2010 at 4:01 am #

    You’ll receive his gratitude when you both are older. This situation is as old as time… he’ll realize how much he appreciates all you do when you’re not around to help him so much anymore. Keep being a wonderful sister but do learn to say no from time to time.

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