Dear Life

30 Aug

Dear life.

Why?!?! What did I do that was so horrible for everyone to just use me and throw me away when done? I don’t understand. I try so hard to help others, and it always leaves me short handed. What am I doing wrong? Do I love people the wrong way? Am I suppose to build this huge wall around me? I can feel it, you know? My heart turning into ice. Its heavy, and it hurts. I have given so many parts to people that needed it. Who said that they would take care of it and never break it. But once they got what they needed they dropped it in the trash. I’m hopping you have a great plan for me. Help give me new paths to make my bliss happen. Helping others makes me happy, it really does. But it seems I’m not doing it right. I always get hurt in the end. I just don’t understand…

the girl in the red room who needs answers.


2 Responses to “Dear Life”

  1. J August 31, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    it hurts because you have so much love in you but no where to go.
    it hurts because you gave so much love but it went no where.
    it hurts so much because you are the only one hurting.
    but the truth is, it only hurts as long as you let it hurt you.
    love does not die a natural death.
    it dies when you stop loving.
    don’t ever stop.
    it wont hurt anymore when you love yourself.
    if no one can see you for what you are,
    I can. I know.
    I hope you read this and not feel bad about yourself.
    if you do, you’re only letting them get the better of you.
    and you who is stronger, better and more open hearted should not let anyone take your light away.
    it is always the darkest before dawn.

    • he girl in the red room who needs answers. September 10, 2010 at 3:15 am #

      Thank You. That’s what I really needed to hear/read. =)

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