Dear D

12 Sep

Dear D,
I have to say this. I’ve been lying to you for the past month.
You drive me nuts.
You aren’t intelligent. We don’t have anything in common. I don’t know why we are friends in the first place.
You’re the one that is causing me to fall behind in class. Why? Because you never. Stop. Talking. And you ask for help on every single question. And you can’t understand the simplest concept. I can’t take it anymore!
So please feel free to take it personally when I end our friendship. It’s just pointless to remain friends.
I’m friends with your sister because she possesses intelligence and she can understand things. She likes me for me, not for my brains.
OH! And by the way, I’m straight. whatever possessed you to believe I was lesbian in the first place is beyond me.
your “friend” you talk at, not to.


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