Dear Baby

15 Sep

Dear Baby,

I never had the chance to meet you, by my own doing. No one knew you existed for those few brief weeks. I couldn’t bare to tell anyone about you. I was ashamed. But looking back to that day four years ago, what happened that day, I am utterly ashamed. You were an innocent, and I was simply wrong. I wonder every day what you might have looked like if I had not committed that despicable, yet legal atrocity.  The guilt I have is almost unbearable for every time I look at the two I kept I hate myself a little more. Words can not express how sorry I am that I never gave you a chance. Please forgive me, for I know I can not. I hate myself totally and completely, and I will go to my grave with atrocity of a secret. I love you even though we have never met. Please forgive me.

Love Forever


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