Dear Boy

30 Sep

Dear Boy
I thought you would change. I thought things would be different the first and second time I found out you found comfort in the arms of other girls. Now it is the third time I found out there is more to the story than the original and revised story. How many revisions will you make to your cheating scandal? You think I can just forgive and forget, but yet I know you could never forgive and forget me. I wish I could go out and find 6 people to be with too. Then maybe you would know how it feels to know that the person you love is happy with others. I just can’t find that many guys to want me, thus I am sure I will find no one unless I am with you. Now I am stuck. If I stay I risk being cheated on again and being crushed and becoming suicidal again. Or I can leave and be alone for good, forever. Except our daughter who would end up being my only companion. I just wish you realized how close to that bottle of pills I came the night I realized there was a third revision. I must live for our daughter, but if not for her, you would be living without me.


One Response to “Dear Boy”

  1. LM October 1, 2010 at 7:31 pm #

    You do not need to stay with this guy who obviously doesn’t respect you or others. You deserve better. Don’t worry now about finding someone else right now. Worry about your daughter and yourself. Despite the pain of a breakup, you can ultimately come out of this a much stronger person once you take back the power from this jerk and walk away, proving to yourself that you are strong and worthy of better treatment. Once you have that confidence, love will come around again, and it will be better and healthier and mutually respectful.

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