Dear Diana

1 Oct

Dear Diana,

It’s been probably about 3 years since we’ve stopped talking, and there hasn’t been one day that I wouldn’t think about you.

Everyday I think if you’re okay, and I worry about your health a lot ever since you’ve been to the hospital. Every time I go past that bus stop that we used to meet in the morning, I look for you. I look for you when I go to the supermarket, when I’m on the bus, when I go past your school… I know it sounds creepy, but I just can’t get over you, because I know I said something stupid back then and it ruined our friendship. I’m sorry.

I know that we’re both really different people now, and maybe you don’t even remember that I exist… Maybe you wouldn’t even want to be friends with who I really am.

…but I know that I can’t live without you.

I hope to see you again.


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