Dear Erin

15 Oct

Dear Erin,
 I’m so glad you refused to believe I was innocent and ended our friendship.You caused my anxiety disorder to worsen. You helped cause 90% of my depression. YOU were the reason I cut myself. But someone spread a rumor that you had sex, and you assumed I did it, because you HAVE, and I’m the only one you told. You couldn’t see it was someone else making a random mean statement. But now I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I have a bunch of amazing friends who really care about me. Who don’t call me ugly, bipolar, jealous, a loser, and a lot of other things at the first sign of trouble. They make me feel amazing. They have their share of prolems, which I gladly help them through because they deserve someone to stay by their side. Just like I did when you left. You blame me, say I left first. Yeah, but I broke it gently, admitted how sad and scared I was, and came back the next day crying and apologizing. You left with a huge rant about how awful and pathetic I am and tried to come back when
something depressed you and you needed me. You’ve also stolen boyfriends from me, you NEVER take my advice and then whine and cry when things go wrong as a result of that, and the second I pissed you off YOU BURNED ALL THE STUFF I GAVE YOU.I can’t do it anymore. I’m so happy now. You’re a pathetic gossiping wreck, but that’s not my fault. I’m sorry we changed and lost the friendship, but my life is so wonderful without you in it now. Sorry, but it’s true. Bye, and good riddance!


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