Dear Prince Charming

6 Nov

Dear Prince Charming,

I can’t believe I let this happen to me. I’ve only known you since July, but you became my best friend so fast. You always want to be there for me, and I always want to be there for you. I’ve never met any boy who has made me so happy.
I never regret meeting you online, but I wish I didn’t live so far away so I could really get those hugs when I need them, and hear your voice telling me all those amazing things that keep me going.
I love that you believe we’ll be friends forever, and I hope we will too.
But honestly, I wish we were more, cause I’ve never met anyone who makes me so happy. I look forward to talking to you every night and I’m sleep deprived because of that, but I don’t care.

But I ask myself every day…
What happens to me because I’ve found my Prince Charming, but I’m not his Princess?
I smile because you’re my best friend, but I also cry because that’s all we are.



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