Dear Him

15 Nov

Dear Him,
I gave you everything I thought I could give.  You ripped out my heart and tore it shreds.  I gave you another chance, but you didn’t want to change. So please tell me, how am I the one to blame? I can’t speak to you, though it’s been a year.  You made me cry, ditched me, chose drugs; how did you think I would feel?

I’ve moved on, found someone new.  I was being honest when I wished the same for you.  I’m sorry you’re still hurt, but that’s why I cut all ties.  I wanted a clean break and away from all the lies.  I hope you find a girl who can make you happy; I tried.  I wish you the best, no more and no less.


P.S: My feelings for you were never a lie, but I’m not in love with you anymore.


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