Seasons Greetings from the Creator!

28 Nov

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to update you all on a few things while you’re starting to get into the Holiday spirit. First, please do not forget to think of the Unwritten Letters Project book when planning gifts for your friends and family! The book can be purchased off the publisher’s website here, or on Amazon. The book will be available soon on Kindle and eReaders.

Also, I am starting a push to get an Unwritten Letters Project App made for iPhone and Android devices. In order to do this, I need your help! I am looking for an experience coder who would be interested in helping with the App. I have a designer, so if you’re interested in working with ULP on this endeavour, please contact me ASAP with why you’re interested and a resume. You can send this to

And last but definitely NOT least, the “Dear Santa” campaign is back for the 2010 Holiday Season!  Soon you will see an icon on the right side directing you to submit letters to Santa that will be posted throughout December and showcased on Christmas day! All letters to Santa WILL be posted, so don’t be shy, and tell your friends. Letters to Santa can be submitted through the regular “submit a letter” tab at the top of this page. Thanks, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Alex Boles ❤


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