Dear Santa

5 Dec

Dear Santa,

It’s not really a stocking stuffer, but all I really want this year is closure.  I don’t want him.  I want closure.  I just want to know what happened to our friendship and what any of it ever meant.  The way it all just ended without any explanation has just created too many unanswered questions, questions that just nag at me more and more, rather than fading over time.

Yeah… all I really want is closure.

I think it probably involves somehow talking with him to get a question or two answered, so if you could at all help out with that, and maybe sending me some luck that I actually get an answer, I would REALLY appreciate it!

With thanks and love,



One Response to “Dear Santa”

  1. V. December 12, 2010 at 12:52 am #

    Wooow… I could really have written this one! I know how it feels and it really sucks =/

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