Dear Santa

8 Dec

Dear Santa
This isn’t for me. I’m over asking you for things I want,but this year, please, I’d like you to bring happiness to my godson and his brother and 3 sisters. He’s just a baby, and you know he saved my life, he said my name before his own mother’s. His daddy never got called daddy, we took him out more than his own parents, and he cried at home time.
I know they had 4 other children to look after, but he was important too.
The other thing you could do is let the social workers see that 18 nearly 19 is old enough to care for a child and let him come and live with me. I’ll move out. I’ll do anything for this little boy. He’s my whole life.

I’m sorry to beg, and I’m sorry to ask,but show him I love him in some way this Christmas time. I’d send him a gift, or I’d send him my time, but I can’t see how.

so please help me help him
broken hearted god mother


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