Dear Santa

15 Dec


This Christmas is going to be a hard one. It’s the first one since dad passed away.  Can you please help me and the family have a good Christmas? Let us laugh and enjoy ourselves as we would any other year. Let us celebrate as if he was still right here with us; I know that’s what he would want.
Please Santa, I’m only 17, I still need my father. I know you can’t bring him back, but can you please help me not be so sad? Use some of your Christmas magic? Use something. I need to cheer up. I can’t stand not having dad around. It’s heartbreaking, everyone is so upset. I still needed him, why’d he have to leave?
Santa, I need to be happier. I need to get that sparkle back in my eyes. I want my stomach to hurt from laughing. I want to glow. I want to smile.
Please just give me happiness and the ability to cope for Christmas, that’s all I really want.



One Response to “Dear Santa”

  1. Kyanne December 17, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    I’m so sad for you.

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