Dear Santa

16 Dec

Dear Santa

I know you proberbly wont be coming to give me presents this year, but incase you feel like it this year, I dont want any tooth brushes, socks or teddy bears, useless packs of chocolate that I’ll never eat or sprays and perfume that just pollute the enviroment. But I would really like something. I’d like the pains in my tummy and the morning sickness not to be a baby, I’d like my peroid to start and it to all be ok. You see, to be a good christian girl and pregnant before marrige is not how it works, my boyfriend isnt ready for a baby, and I know he’ll leave me. I can’t lose him and bring up this baby alone, and I am not killing it. So please Santa, I know you haven’t bothered in all these 18 years to bring me any crap, but this year, please choose this year to save me.
I can’t ask anyone else  for help, but I’m soo confused.

 freaked out and scared


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