Dear Santa

20 Dec

Dear Santa,

This Christmas will be the first time I’ll look forward to the holiday season. The first time when I can sing Christmas carols, bake cookies, have a stocking on the mantle and presents under the tree. It’s not the material things, it’s knowing that I’ll have that stereotypical warm-your-heart-with-joy Christmas. For once this Christmas I won’t cry because of dad’s alcoholism, mom’s abuse or even dad’s ex wife who kicks me out so she can be with dad and keep her green card. This Christmas, I’ll be with someone who loves me, with a family that treats me as their third child.

Santa, I want you to come visit me for the first time at a place where I truly feel home, loved and safe. I want to feel that Christmas magic for the first time and know that waiting this long was worth it. It may not be on Christmas morning, Santa, but I want to say that I can’t wait to feel your rosy-cheeked joy on my Christmas with him and his family.

This Christmas, Santa, I’ll be crying happy tears for the first time in all of the Christmases that I can remember. Thank you for waiting to make this Christmas truly special for me.



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