Dear Santa

25 Dec

Dear Santa,

We all seem to have lots of things we want, and I’m no exception.  I’d even like to say that I don’t want any material things so that I could sound like a better person, but that’s not true.  There are plenty of things I’d ask for in a heartbeat (a Nintendo DS would be first on this list), but if I had to pick one thing to ask for this Christmas, my absolute first choice (the DS is second) would be something quite a bit simpler- and infinitely more complex.

See, I have a girlfriend.  She means so much to me and, even better, she knows it.  But there is one word that she can say to me that I can’t say in return, no matter how much I want to: love.  She can end texts calling me ‘my love’ and has even said ‘I love you’, while the closest I can get to this is Spanish terms of endearment ‘dear/darling’ and ‘my life’.  Not to say that being in Spanish makes them untrue, but sometimes they just aren’t enough.

So please Santa, all I really want for Christmas this year is to be able to say those three words to the one person in my life who deserves to hear them more than anyone else.  Even if it’s hard, even if I’m just now starting to think I might have an idea of what love even is (not to mention believe that it even exists in the first place).  So I’m not asking for acceptance from family of two girls dating (as nice as that would be…), because my querida is more important than them.  So if by some miracle I manage to make it on the nice list, please give me the strength to say ‘I love you’ to the one who really is my life.  Because she’s finally managing to convince me that I really do love her.

Sincerely and hopefully,


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