Dear Santa

26 Dec

Dear Santa,

I think it’d be cliched for me to ask for true love this Christmas, even if it truly the one thing I want the most in my own life. But, I’m not going to ask for it, because I think I can give up true love this year, if you can promise me something even better.

When I wake up in tomorrow, I want to find equality, and contentedness under my tree. Equality for the world and content for me.

You see I often have trouble accepting how well my life is going, and how much I have. I just want the ability to look at my situation and smile, even if all hope seems lost.

As for equality: Lately, in politics (I hate to mention such a serious thing during such a ‘jolly’ season) I can see that our nation has made great leaps forward in making all people equal. But still, many of my friends are going through life living in fear and lacking the same opputunities as I have. I would love if you could give me the most beautiful gift of all, and you could steal that fear and hatred out of the minds of the masses, and then wrap me up a big box of ‘hope and equality’ for my darling friends.

If you can do this, I promise you, I will spend the rest of my life devoted to helping others. I will give everything to make this happen. I just want your help in it.

With Much Love,


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