Dear You

28 Dec

Dear You,

Hello again.  I wrote you awhile back, but I don’t think you got it.  I told you that my heart was calling out for you, and I asked if you could find me.  You haven’t found me yet.

And I am screaming for you.  My heart and my soul is screaming for you, begging for you, pleading for you to find me.

You see, quite unfortunately, I had the realization that I do desperately want to fall in love.  Yes, I’m terrified but somehow, now, I see that love is worth the risk.  And may I just point out that not having you is much harder now that I’m okay with this whole love thing.

So, please listen.  Hear me.  Hear my heart whispering to you, calling for you, screaming for you, and answer.  Answer and find me.

Please.  Find me.



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