Dear Girl

2 Jan

Dear Girl,

All of a few weeks ago, my feelings toward you were neutral. I knew from my brother of your reputation with guys, how you can be emotionally manipulative, how you lie and you cheat and you spread rumours. But I thought to myself,  “oh she can’t be that bad, probably someone hurt her once, and she can’t help acting like this, we all do stupid things, etc etc.”

That was up until the point you started going out with my best friend.

Now, I COULD turn this letter into a letter full of the various ways I’d like to kill you BEFORE you hurt him, but I won’t.

So instead, there are a few things you should know.

You have a very very very special boyfriend. He will give you his EVERYTHING. When he is in love, he is MADLY in love. Count yourself lucky.
He is fragile. His parents’ divorce, his past relationships- they’ve left him a little scarred. Treat him carefully.
If you want to know what to get him for his birthday in February, he wants Scrubs DVDs. He’s missing season 2.

Finally- he was in love with me for over a year. I was too stupid and scared to do anything about it.  But you changed that. It took YOU to make me realise that I was in love with this boy, so in a weird way, this letter is a thank you.

But mainly, this letter is to ask you to do one of two things:

1. Break up with him
2. If you have to go out with him, don’t mess him around. Or I will personally see to it that you never date a guy again.

I’m serious.


That girl you hate. And for a good reason.


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