Dear “The One”

5 Jan

Dear “The One”,
I’ve trusted you for too long.
Everything was different with you.  You were kind and respectful. Everyone liked you. You made me smile and laugh like no other person has done.  You made me feel special and like I really mattered.  I felt treasured and I knew you liked me for me, just how I was.  Never before had I felt like I could take the walls down and love.  We both saw a future and talked about spending the rest of our lives together.  I couldn’t see myself with anyone but you.
Oh how the tables turned.
I had such a hard time with you so far away.  And I became where I was, scared of how you’d react to the changes I’d made.  You said you wouldn’t judge, yet you’d stop talking to me when you’d find out I wasn’t the carbon copy of the person I was a year ago.  Experiences change us.  You always told me that we are human and make mistakes, yet you expected me to be perfect.  You told me you didn’t want me to wait for you since you’d be gone for so long, yet criticized and ignored me for trying to date.  Then a month ago you tell me you want to be with me, encourage thoughts and ideas for a future, forever together, and turn around and go for a girl who you said was never your type; you were “just friends”.
Tell me you didn’t lie to be all along. You went from the one I thought I’d grow old with, to the one who makes me believe love doesn’t exist.
The less than perfect


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