Dear My Kinda-Sorta <3

3 Feb

Dear My Kinda- Sorta ❤

  I’m leaving because, I’m learning to hate myself. If I cant love myself; I’m afraid I will lose my Love for YOU.

  I cause myself harm, more then you know. I tell you everything I can. I can’t tell you everything; not because I dont want you to know, but because I’m ashamed. I dont want you to lose Love for me.

  It’s hard enough not being able to stay here with you; I want to more than you know. You also know that I need my sister; after not seeing her for a few years… I need her. I want to make myself worthy of your Love.

  I will wait for you, no matter; if you believe it, or not. I believe you will come to me when you’re ready. I can feel it. Just try not to forget me. I would never forgive myself.

I Love You,
your Kinda-Sorta ❤


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