Dear Self-Esteem

19 Feb

Dear Self-Esteem,
Please, give me a chance. I’m perfectly capable of doing things others can, right? Why do you always have to be unsure about everything? Why does it take you so long to believe in me?
Sure, a lot of things have hurt you. You’ve been bruised by other people, things that have happened in your life, and most importantly that nasty voice in my head that always likes to pick on you. Sometimes you’re really getting better, you’re not so sick…and then other times it feels like you’re fading away.
Maybe if you cheered up a bit, maybe if you remembered that although it has its ups and downs life is beautiful, and you are worthy.
Maybe if you realised that you need to get better before somebody can officially appreciate and love you, and me…us.
Maybe if you start to perhaps believe compliments? Don’t be so afraid of judgements and people disliking you?
Don’t worry, I can see you’re doing better. I’m proud of you. It’s scary, but it’s a journey. Don’t be jealous of other people whose self esteem is perfect. So, you may be a little faulty…at least you’re working towards something.
The girl that owns you.


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