Dear My Other Half

23 Feb

Dear Other Half,

I really want you to be the one. I haven’t had much experience with falling in love because I generally don’t let people in that close, but there’s something so different about how you make me feel when I’m around you. I’m not just myself, but I glow, I’m genuinely happy. I can see a future with you, and the future I see isn’t just a family and growing old, which is also nice, but it’s adventure, travel and impulsiveness. It’s everything I want my life to be, and the thought of having you possibly there with me makes me unconsciously light up with the biggest smile. 🙂 I hope that someday I can tell you all of this and you get to see this smile. I know you read this site, so I hope that when you read this letter you know who wrote it.

Wishing you feel the same,

Your other half


One Response to “Dear My Other Half”

  1. Love February 24, 2011 at 3:52 am #

    I feel like this was written for me…and I like it 🙂

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