Dear Mine

27 Feb

Dear Mine,

 Believe me, I understand you need to know about him. About us. I understand that every detail of what happened between us matters to you. I understand that you’re not trying to hurt me by bringing it up. I know that this is the only way for you to understand it and me.
But every time you say his name, ask me questions… It hurts all over again. You say it’s hard for you because it runs through your head and the pictures are too much. But I re-live it. All. Over. Again. Every time. I’m reminded of who I once was and how much my past still matters to you. I’m reminded that I gave my heart to a man who never gave a shit about me and my heart breaks all over again.
Please… Just forgive me. Or forget it. Whichever you need to do. I love you now. I’m not who I was. Who me and him were has nothing to do with who WE are. Please. Stop apologizing everytime and just stop. I can’t take much more heartache. Not from you.



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