Dear Keeper of my Heart

4 Mar

Excuse me,

Sorry to bother you after all this time.  Yes, I know it’s awkward for everyone and you would have preferred if we kept our interactions to status liking.  Unfortunately, I have to ask you for something.

Can I please have my heart back?  I gave it to you, as you recall, when I was stupidly head-over-heels for you.  Then, as relationships go when you’re too young and too afraid, it ended.  We parted and presumably moved on, as we are very much grown up now.

Sadly, an oversight has been made.  You never returned my heart.  I still feel it beating for you under the debris on your closet floor.  I need it back.  I can not properly find someone else if you still have it.

Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the shipping.  And, if things change, you can always own it again.  But, as for now, I would like it to belong to me again.  At least for while.

So pop in the mail and mark it “Return to Sender.”



One Response to “Dear Keeper of my Heart”

  1. marie March 29, 2011 at 4:45 am #

    wow, so i’m not alone. i gave my heart away 14 years ago and 12 years after we ended things he still has my heart. if he were to call tomorrow and say he wants to pick up where we left off, i’d be on the next flight to az to be with him. g if you read this, yes it is me j.

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