Dear Self-Involved Husband

5 Mar

Dear Self-Involved Husband,

I am not sure if I want to be your wife anymore.  I want you in my life, as we have our daughter to raise.  But I don’t feel anything romantic for you anymore.  My feelings of love have been replaced with feelings of animosity and loathing.  I cannot understand how you cannot see that the world DOES NOT revolve around you.  You have ABSOLUTELY no idea what makes our daughter smile and laugh; you have no idea what movies I enjoy or what foods I like.  You don’t know when either her or I have doctor appointments.  And not because I don’t tell you, but you always cut me off to tell me about your day!  You have NO CLUE how much I hate hearing about your job!  I don’t want to talk about me all the time, but we NEVER talk about me, or the weather, or our daughter, or politics.  It is ALWAYS about you!!!  I am tired of it!  I have asked numerous times to talk about anything other than your work or hobbies (which you MAKE time for at the expense of your wife and child).  I have asked you to spend some time with me…and your telephone or friends or computer always seem to interrupt it.  You can make time for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING ELSE, except your wife and child.  I will not stand for it much longer.


Your (future ex) wife


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