Dear Austin

14 Mar

Dear Austin,

I’m supposed to be writing something else at the moment because I’m a writer, and I get paid to write. It isn’t much money, but I love doing what I do with the words and the syntax. Still, here I am writing you a letter. A letter that you won’t appreciate, I’m sure. You don’t like writers or creative minds. Yes, even though you are studying the mind at that big fancy school, you don’t want to use your own. I believed in you. I trusted in you. You were always the best one to make me feel the worst.

This isn’t some sappy letter about how I hope you are better off with her or anything. I know you won’t be better off. My pride won’t allow me to let me think you’ll be better off.  Austin, some day you are going to grow up into a gentleman, but I won’t be around anymore. I hope you blossom into the person I always knew, but never got to know. You at least deserve that. But you don’t deserve me.

Here’s to the past. Here’s to the future. Here’s to this present moment where I have decided I want one to be all about you and another to be completely without you. Goodbye.

Hurt but not hurting,



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