Dear Alex

17 Mar

Dear Alex, I miss you.  It will be 8 years this April.  You have missed so much.  Elijah will be a freshman in high school next year.  He is so smart; he will be in sophomore math.  He reminds me of you.  And, Seth, well he’s Seth; athletic and friendly, quick to forgive and always happy. He’s an awesome hockey player; made the PeeWee AA team as a 1st year.  And of course, there is Kaya.  She never got to meet you.  I wish she had.  You know, she’s amazing. She’s fierce, this baby.  She plays hockey just like her brothers.  She’s intelligent, artistic, confident, and beautiful.  When I look at her she is everything I ever wanted.  The Good Lord has blessed me, first with you as my little brother, then with these three.  I have been entrusted to care for so many, but sometimes I wish someone was here to care for me. You know mom and dad left.  They just couldn’t stay in the house anymore.  Too many ghosts.  We miss you.  Kaya always wants to hear stories about you.  I am
sorry I was gone so much once I left for college.  I am sorry I didn’t visit you more in school.  I am sorry my last words to you were, “I can’t make it to your graduation.”  I’m sorry.  I love you boo.  When my time comes, please meet me at the gate and lead me home. Love, Ate


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