Dear Broken Families

10 Apr

Dear broken families,

There seems to be alot of us. An overpopulation of sadness. Know you’re not alone. I’m one of those kids, I understand. The loneliness, the sadness, the loss. You hear people talking about their families. You hardly even understand what the word family means because you didnt grow up seeing it. Don’t. If this is you you’re not alone. I know that now and thank God I knew that when I reached for my shaver to slit my wrist. Things just weren’t going right and when you’re in that situation, what is there left to run to? I had a greater power that helped me to not even pick up the razor but to burst into to tears and run to him. It is God – with a love strong like no other, with a presence so powerful, how could you ever feel alone? I run to you, and I hope even more than just the broken families do too.

Anonymous but loving the Lord


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