Dear Daniel

12 Apr

Dear Daniel,

I’m fed up of it. You just pick me up and drop me whenever you feel like it.

When she decides she wants you, you ignore me, you don’t text me, you make no effort, and you don’t care in the slightest about me.
But when she messes you about or when she has better things to do, you come running back, expecting everything to be okay.

Well it’s not fair. I have feelings. I care too damn much for you. And you don’t care at all.

Feeling used and lonely,


One Response to “Dear Daniel”

  1. Love April 12, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    That’s not a relationship at all. You need to make a decision. Love it or leave it. If it were me, I’d leave it. You deserve somebody that’s going to be there for you all the time, not just when its convienient for them. It’s obvious he’s not there for you all the way. Find someone that is. They are there…waiting for you to show up. Stay strong 🙂

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