Dear D

5 May


I should have known better than to Google you. I’ve never found anything before, so why would this time be any different? We still talk, but so rarely. And you’re so far away. I just want to feel close to you. But- you’re getting married. You’ve been with her for 6 years. You’ve never once mentioned her to me. Not even when you begged me to come see you 3 years ago. God, I was stupid. Believing you would ever love me. I want to tell you off. I want to call you and scream at you and tell you I hate you. How dare you do that to me? You were supposed to love me. You’re the love of my life; now what am I left with? 10 years of loving someone who thinks I’m nothing. I’m not even good enough to hear the truth from you. J might do the same thing to me, but at least he respects me enough to tell me the truth. He includes me in his life, instead of keeping me on the fringes but never being able to let me go. But I’m done now. I don’t need you. I’ve always deserved better than you. Even if I’m alone for the rest of my life, it will be better than you could give me.



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