Dear Annie

23 May

Dear Annie,

I love you deeply. I know that you have not had the best week, but I plan to change that. I want you to know that you make me happy. You bring light to my gray life, and I never want to see you go out. You’re Beautiful, Intelligent, and Passionate.
I remember the night I first told you that I loved you. It had been a similar week to the one you are having now. The timing could not have been more wrong for me to say those three words, but I don’t think love has the same perspective on timing as we do. I had to tell you, I had to let it out, and I did. It felt so good to finally say it to your face rather than whisper it into your ear while you were falling asleep. Your reply was nothing, but for some reason I felt relieved and at peace. As you drove away I looked back, but not because of regret. I looked back because I finally knew what it felt like to be in love with someone.

About ten minutes later you called me and told me to come outside. I opened my door to see you there, waiting for me. Not wasting any time, you embraced me and said, “I love you too.” You made me the happiest guy in the world that night.

Obviously you already know this story. But, I want you to see how even now, while you are feeling sad or down, I still love you. And I always will. I hope that with this I can turn you around from your past week, just as I had done nearly a year ago.




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