Dear Whoever Will Read This True Story

31 May

Dear who ever will read this true story,

I’ve been a bully, and I have been bullied, and I have been through a lot, too. Well my story begins when I was like in the 4th grade when these guys I wanted to be in a group with, well they told me to jump my best friend, so I did for weeks, and I regret it, and I told my best friend that I did and that I’m sorry, so he forgave me, and I told him I would never do it again.

The day I was bullied was when I was in 6th grade when I live in California. So this kid wanted my lunch money so he bullied me until I got tired of it, so I told my mom and then she told the school, and the kid got suspended.

I’ve been through a lot since I was little. My dad never cared about me until I was probably 10.

That’s my story for now.


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