Dear True Love

15 Jun

Dear True Love,
Where are you? I wait up every night. I look for you in crowds. I search faces, but nothing. I know you are out there. I write letters to you. I cry out to you. I pray for you. I dream of you. I know what you look like. I know the sound of your voice; the feel of your touch. I know you. And I will know when I meet you. In this day and age of online dating, Vegas weddings and no-fault divorces, I know you are still alive and well. Sometimes I lose hope. Sometimes my patience fails. There are days that the weariness and longing takes my strength, but before I leave this life, I know you will find me and I you. Please do not lose faith in me. Please find me soon…..


One Response to “Dear True Love”

  1. John July 14, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    I have always felt the same my love…I am almost there.My search is almost over..Hold on just a bit longer and we will be together forever…The rest of the world can go on without us…I want you to be my whole world, and I yours…..

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