Dear Dad

18 Jun

Dear Dad,

I found you after twenty years of only knowing your name. I’ve talked to you on the phone once. I knew your voice even though we’ve never met. We talked about little things like my brother and how you liked the name of my daughter. You were getting ready for a doctors appointment so we only talked for a few minutes. Your going to die soon of COPD and I don’t feel anything. I’m not happy or sad. Your like a stranger I’ve talked to on the bus once or twice dying. I’m really not sad about it.

I wonder why you never tried to contact me. All the excuses just made me pity you. You don’t even know your own child. My baby brother was adopted out of my family and twice a week I go online to try and find him. He’s not even my child and I hear more about him then you do me. I hope you know when your gone I will not morn your death.

I’m a strong Independent women. Every thing I learned I didn’t learn it from you or my mother. The cycle of abuse and abandonment stops here. I will never be anything like you or my mother I am happy with who I am and both of you will just keep on teaching me what a parent shouldn’t be. Like my sister said “my parents taught me not how to raise a child but how not to raise one.” I know I’m a good mom even though no one ever showed me what a good parent is. I’m glad I never met you because I didn’t choose a man like my father I chose one who is nothing like you.

The daughter you never new


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