Dear Interested Reader

28 Jun

dear, interested reader
I suppose noone is good at love. I suppose nobody has ever been good at love. Why?-well its never been easy for fear..of what?- Rejection,not being how you say, enough. or maybe because you already seek out failure just as you always have..not to be rude of course it happens to everybody. Ill admit it; not publicly of course as you can see my pride is so great on the matter i am speaking anonymously. Anywho love is the matter and the matter is love. Problem i dont know what that is except i may be in it. I said maybe.Love can be so metaphorically confused. It is probably of the desired persons worth or of a different interpretation to each soul. For me that love if that is love is kind of cliche. You see my love if he is love gives me butterflies and comfort and a love i dont know is love. A cutie who is always happy its amazing. He asks about my day seeming as though to truly care like he really doesnt have enough on his own plate to think about. And with him or around or speaking
to him or thinking of him i can accomplish nothing but smile. and with any wish i am given i can do nothing but wish to be granted i would wish he were mine. With all my love if your are a love will thoust be my love??


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