Dear God

19 Jul

Dear God,
I don’t know if I can do this anymore. When I was younger and starting to like boys and getting crushes I would giggle and say a quick silly prayer that you would make him mine. When I was a teenager and saw all my friends with boyfriends I would pray that you would let one look at me like they did my friends. Now that I am 21, I am worried. I have never had a boyfriend and hear my mother and family worry I never will. I’ve said the prayers asking for you to make one like me back, but it has never happened. Not one. There is always someone else and that tears me apart inside. I even have given in to online dating, a big step for me. You see I think I’m finally not afraid to like someone and not run away if they like my back. I’ve met a good one I think, and we talk a lot, but the conversation is getting shorter and shorter, and I’m afraid I’ll loose this one too. So here is my last prayer. I’ll pray that he’ll keep talking to me and we can progress. I’ll pray he doesn’t move on to a
girl a size smaller in jeans and brains. I’ll pray this one will be mine for once. Please, if it doesn’t work I don’t know if my faith can hang on much longer.

A desperately single 21 year old


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