Dear California Boy

29 Jul

Dear California Boy,

You talked to me and told me that you liked me. You made me believe you cared. I thought you wanted more from me than just a one night stand – I thought there were feelings and respect, too. I thought the feelings and respect that were building these last 3 weeks led you to desire a physical attraction. I guess I was wrong. Apparently you only wanted one thing and I was dumb enough to believe you wanted a relationship with me. How do you think it made me feel afterward when you told me “we should keep this our little secret?” I’m not that girl, you know? I don’t just jump into bed and then cut all ties. I thought you knew this and I thought you were different. I can’t believe I was so wrong. I guess you just wanted to hook-up with someone with no-strings-attached before you hopped on a plane and went back to California for grad school in a month. You hurt me and the thing that hurts even more is that I really liked you. I thought you were a nice, shy guy who I’ve known for 8 years. Looks like I was wrong. I trusted you and threw my own caution to the wind and did more with you than I normally would. You’ve turned me into that emotional girl who’s hung-up over an asshole. I loathe you for this, but I’m just so hurt and floored by your actions.

The girl you missed out knowing


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