Dear Long Lost Best Friend

14 Aug

Dear Long Lost Best Friend,

I’ve been dreaming about you lately. You linger in the background of environments and scenes you don’t belong in anymore. You appear to me at night asking me questions about the people in my life you don’t even know. And you still look at the dream version of me like you’ve lost something and are petrified of it never returning.

That night, you told me that you needed me more as a friend than anything else, I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t stick around and let you ruin your life and drag me into that scene. I still wonder if leaving was the right decision or if I should have stayed to make sure you turned your life around.

Are you happy? Are you alive? Is the life you clung on to so tightly worth losing me still? Maybe you’ve changed. If so, I really would love to see you again. If not, please stay away because I don’t think my heart could take losing you again.


The one you used to run to


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