Dear El

18 Sep

Dear El,

Funny how things can turn on its head,
Just this morning i was laid in your bed.
But to see if you cared i left you a note
Turns out you didn’t, it was all in my head.
I know you don’t want an Attach-meant what you said.
But i didn’t figure, So easily mislead

I thought i felt it through your heart
A connection when we twirled
Our relationship was an accident from the start.
I was just your rebound girl
Someone to boost your esteem
When you were at your lowest
But you’re willing to disregard me
When you need me the most.

You took all what i had from me
Just to cast me aside
but don’t come running back to me
because i know you’ll tell a lie
I stuck by you for so long
All i did was try
But now the summers come along
And all i can say is good bye..


One Response to “Dear El”

  1. M September 21, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

    Pretty sure I know who wrote this. I love you x

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