Dear Boyfriend

24 Sep

Dear boyfriend,
Everything has turned so serious so fast. You went to rehab and now your sister – who I have met only once – is responsible for telling me how you’re doing, when you’ll be back…if you’ll be back anytime soon. And it scares me.
It scares me to the point that I don’t want to be your girlfriend anymore. It’s not that my feelings toward you have changed, and it’s not that I’m repulsed by your need to be in rehab. It’s that I have become such a part of your life that your family feels the need to tell me when you’re in trouble.
And I’m so young. And I’m leaving for school in three days. But still your family knows I have to know what they’ve been told. I am so, so scared of that. I feel the need to run from all of this. I feel too young for this.
I’m sorry.
I love you.


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